Don't you wish your doggie was cute like me!

Mom and the babies

Sleeping puppies

Puppies and fingers

Puppies on a rail
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One puppy left for adoption! A tiny, adorable teacup Yorkie female!

Dad and his babies
Three pups in a bed
Two puppies in bed
Dad gets a haircut
All the puppies are sold! But you can still read and watch the video story of their lives, starting with their birth HERE.

Read and watch the story of the puppies' lives. We've prepared a photo and video story of the puppies' lives, starting with their birth. SEE THE NEW PUPPIES HERE.

Standing at Stud. Sirius Black, a 2 AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier. Wonderful disposition. Cute as a button. Teddy bear face. Very fertile. Puppies will wind up being less than 5 pounds if mated with a female 5 or 6 pounds or less. In Kansas City area. Go here for photos and more information.

Contact for more information. Please put "Yorkies" in the subject line.